How it all Works:

Naturally planted bowls and aquariums are part of a natural methodology for keeping aquatic life in a relatively small environment.

Traditional filter systems
Do very well at oxygenating the water through water movement and remove ammonia which would normally build up and kill the aquarium’s occupants, But, the same water movement that oxygenates the water also removes CO2 from the water which is essential for plant growth. Plus most filters do nothing for other toxins that will slowly build up in the tank such as nitrite and nitrate. These poisons are usually best removed (or at least reduced) by frequent water changes.

Larger tanks of mixed communities

  • Larger tanks with mixed communities in close proximity can many times cause stress to fish and other creatures even if they appear to cohabitate well. This can lead to ailments and higher mortality rates.
  • When ever new additions are added to community tanks there is always the chance of diseases being added to the system.

Live planted communities

  • achieve natural oxygenation and water conditioning through plants, snails and a common sand bottom.
  • Plants naturally convert CO2 to breathable oxygen
    Plants consume ammonia and harbor the needed bacteria that consume nitrate and nitrite, and while aquariums also have problems with excess phosphate that filters can't remove, plants can, and do, remove substantial amounts of phosphate from the water.
  • While plants don’t remove animal wastes like plastic mechanical filters supposedly do they can convert much of this waste to plant food.
  • Common snails called trumpet and ramshorn snails can also aid in this processes by eating waste and uneaten food on the bottom helping to break down the particles faster for plant use.


  • Its beautiful, We believe there are very few things more attractive then an aquarium. And while relatively small, their size makes for more convenient care and placement within the home .
  • Its Educational – Are you interested in seeing the oxygen, nitrogen, life cycle of plants in action. Its in a live planted tank. Betta nest building, Its there. Crayfish capturing prey or molting. Snail reproduction and feeding, there is more to snails then you may think. Fresh water shrimp, we have raised several generations of shrimp within a single bowl.
  • Its Healthy – For many animals a more confined living space is actually healthier then the larger setups. The stress of potential predators is completely removed and since a bowl allows for closer proximity for pets , they will grow accustom to their owners much quicker. And for the owner, the stress reducing effects of aquariums are well documented and fully realized. You can even grow spider plants in a fish bowl which are known for their air purifying properties.