Vase Setup:

Setup for your Glass Islands vase is very easy.

Step1: Unpack your glass Island globe or vase as you would any other delicate glass items. There should be a generous amount of packing material around your vase but should any of the contents be damaged email Glass Islands immediately for a refund or replacement.

Remove any packing material inside



Step 2: While every globe is cleaned before shipping there maybe some dust or packing material particles still present. It is also a good idea to gently dry any of the metal parts such as the copper ring or chain that may get splashed during cleaning since over time these items can tarnish and even rust.

Then fill your globe or vase about 2 thirds of the way with cool or room temperature water. If you are using distilled or filtered water than let sit for about an hour before adding any animals like bettas or shrimp. If you are using regular tap water I suggesting letting it sit for several days to let chemical such as chlorine to dissipate.

Step 3. In a separate bag, you may have received with your vase an assortment of pre rooted cuttings and aquatic and surface dwelling plants.

The first plant that should be put into your vase or bowl should be the anarachis, a beautiful, green, fast growing aquatic plant well known for its oxygenating and algea redusing properties. Any extra can be cut off and grown in a side jar.


If you received any spider plants place them in as well.


Step 4: Then just hang on a wall or open window. The vase does not need direct sunlight but should be in a room that gets some daytime light.


Step 5. As the cuttings grow they will eventually need to be transplanted to a larger bowl or pot. The vase can then be used to start new cuttings by repeating the above procedure. Literally hundreds of plants are suitable for growing within a Glass Islands bowl or vase.

Step 6: Periodically check the water level of the vase to make sure the roots are submerged, add water as needed.