Vase Care: Periodic Care

Periodic care – Basically there are two forms of periodic care that need to take place in your Globe or Vase. Partial water changes and feeding .

The amount of water changes needed depends heavily on the type of fish or invertebrate you have. For example a betta should have their water partially changed about once a week, even if you have plants. Ghost shrimp can go months without a water change in a heavily planted globe.

Feeding while simple is probably the least understood type of care among novice and maybe even some experienced aquarium keepers. Many pet shops attribute 90% of fish and invertebrate deaths due to over feeding. Its not that the animals eat too much but uneaten food settles on the bottom and spoils, causing the ammonia levels to soar thus poisoning and killing the inhabitants.

So here is a general guide line. Give your fish only what they can completely eat in 30 seconds to a minute. If food is making to the bottom, your putting too much in. If you don’t believe they are getting enough, repeat the process after 2 hours.