News Groups:

Betta_Crazy,Yahoo: Information on breeding and raising the amazing fish known as Bettas. Learn how to better care for your pet, and keep it happy for the many years of its life. New comprehensive disease and medication chart also available in Database.

Aquaria,Yahoo: A general list for the discussion of all aspects of aquaria-keeping. This list was formerly Fish and Aquarium, hosted by Emory University, and has been around for over 9 ywars.

Freshwatershrimp, Yahoo: A group for the discussion on the care and husbandry of freshwater shrimp, crabs and crayfish.

aqua-hydroponics, Yahoo: this group is for those interested in mixing fishkeeping and hydroponics at the same time it's called Aquaponics and it is amasing what you can do with it. all hydroponic aquaponic fishy tailes welcome. so come share experiance and have fun doing it (all jokes welcome but try to keep them clean as much as possable).

rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants, Google: Keeping of freshwater aquarium plants.

rec.aquaria.misc, Google: Closed System aquaria in general.