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  Java Moss Tile Picture Gallery:
Example of very full, green look very typical under regular florescent lighting.
Plantlets grown at the same time on the same tile can show significant variances in length yet all are healthy.
Example of very full, long java moss on a 1/8 inch tile. This is a fairly typical example of 4-6 months of growth.

The tile base which will need at least some light or the larger mass of moss will eventually detach

Even the healthiest of tanks can develop algae. The tile can be removed, trimmed, groomed and pruned of hair algae and replaced in a few minutes. Hexagon tile with several inches of growth
Shallow water allows the sides to come in much fuller.
An example of a tile that needs to get some more light near the base of its tile. A quick trim off the top will allow fuller growth near the bottom. New tile ready for the tank. Watching you plant double and triple in size (and then more) is very satisfying
Side view of tile grown in shallow water allows the sides to come in much fuller but you won't get as much height. If your tile appears to be getting stringy around the sides just trim it up. That and a partial water change with trigger new, fuller growth. - Buy Aquatic Plants for Less!